Complimentary Design Services

SEE The Final Design

We offer a complimentary design included with each home remodeling project.


Our professional designers will listen to your vision, outline our 5-step process, discuss options to consider, and create sketches to visualize the layout of your space.


Get expert advice on layout, storage, and countertop options and learn what would work best for you and your budget.


A remodeling project can quickly become overwhelming; it’s easy to make an impulsive decision and end up with something you’re not happy with. We’ll guide you step-by-step to ensure no details are forgotten and you end up with the space you desired.

Any home remodeling project is a big project. There are many things to consider when planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel, such as what style you want, how much space you need, and what kind of accessories & appliances you want to include.

The first step in any remodel is a consultation with a professional designer. During the consultation, you will discuss your vision for the space and the designer will create drawings that reflect your ideas. You will also brainstorm ideas for layout, storage, and countertops.