Whether you have been talking about remodeling your kitchen for years or just purchased a dream home with a poor kitchen design, a NEW kitchen design allows you to have the space to prepare meals, entertain family and guests and offers a modern flow to the rest of the house.

  • Years of experience in kitchen remodeling allows Built By You to visualize your remodeled kitchen and create a new design that makes your space look and feel larger
  • Removing walls adjoining family rooms, dining rooms or living rooms improves the flow and allows more natural light to enter the space
  • Entertaining is easier with more counter top space or an island for serving and more room for conversations with family and guests
  • Home buyers are increasingly searching for homes with open floor plans and remodeled kitchens
  • Incorporating the Kitchen Triangle into the design is important.  The parts of the triangle represent traffic flow within a kitchen creating a rotational movement between the tasks of cooking (stove), chopping/peeling (sink), and storage (refrigerator).   The goal is to not have anything interfere with the flow between the triangle

Functional Design Improvements:

  • Built By You assessed the original kitchen to determine there was a load bearing wall that would need a solution if it were to be removed to increase the space.  We created a custom column to hold the beam and support the load to open up the kitchen to the dining room
  • By opening up the space, we allowed more natural light to enter the kitchen and dining area through an expanded window and sliding back door
  • The functional design included the efficiently setting up the 3 appliance triangle (range, refrigerator and dish washer).   We determined the Kitchen Island could hold the range and decorative hood to allow improved flow and increased counter top space near the sink
  • Customized cabinets allowed a section of the kitchen for additional storage, small appliances and even another sink
  • An extended granite counter top provided additional seating at the kitchen island by utilizing bar stools.  Perfect for casual dining, entertaining and snack time

Discover the Benefits of a Kitchen Open to Other Areas of the Home

  • Built By You assessed the original kitchen to determine the walls between the kitchen and family room could be removed opening up the living space to include the kitchen and family room
  • Connecting the kitchen and living space by utilizing the same color and style of custom cabinets and counter tops integrates the space to create one larger welcoming space
  • The kitchen island adds function and seating with added storage and counter top space PLUS  bar stools to serve as a dining table
  • Expanding the size of the kitchen windows and the natural light from the sliding back door in the family room brighten the living space naturally
  • Custom floor to ceiling custom cabinets along a side wall are perfect for the pantry and sliding drawers allow for easy accessibility of the items


Built By You has solid relationships with trusted companies in the manufacturing and supplier industry to ensure your project is completed on time using high quality products with options to meet your personal style and function of the kitchen.


Incorporate your personal style, goals for storage and function and impressive craftsmanship into a durable long lasting cabinet


A countertop will make your kitchen more useful and easier to maintain and adds an important design to the personal style of the kitchen


Function and durability should be a priority when selecting flooring and the variety of styles allow personal choice of color, texture, material and even the feel under your feet


Finish the remodeled kitchen with updated faucets and fixtures with clean finishes and unique designs to match your style and function of the sink