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Remodeling the Color of Your Home

Love adding color to your home but don’t want to overwhelm the senses?

Well, everyone loves color but not everyone loves an overwhelmingly bold home. Home is a sanctuary, peace, that calm embrace of warmth that you retreat to after a long day in the office or out in the field. Unique to you and your tastes, showcasing your interests to the world like a finely curated gallery of the most exquisite taste in literature and entertainment. So why not show off a bit of your personality along the way?

Whether it be your favorite color since childhood, a calming green to show off your love of the outdoors, or that lovely teal that activates the brain’s memory receptors and stimulates growth and understanding. Sounds too good to be true? Well, what if I told you it is true? Would you believe that color has such a large impact on the human psychic?

Studies have shown inadmissible evidence that color, especially when applied to human-centered environments such as restaurants, waiting rooms, and yes even homes have a direct impact on the human mind and body. For example, it has been determined that red and yellow when put side by side stimulates digestion making the viewer more inclined to hunger or cravings. Don’t believe me? Next time you are out on the town check out some of the fast-food chains you love and pay attention to their logos, menus, even their commercials. It’s quite mind-blowing!

Speaking of minds, did you know there is a shade of teal that scientists believe stimulates brain function and development?

Suddenly makes sense why so many textbooks and educational centers use teals and blues in their designs, right?

Not only are color choices extremely important to the success of your home’s design; they are also vital to your overall mood and demeanor. The science behind what colors make humans tick is overwhelmingly impactful to the realm of design and basic human comfort. We as humans have been impacted by color for longer than the written word, even ancient Egyptians held high regard for color and its use in the home.

But you don’t need a degree in color theory, here at Built By You we have that covered. Our designer did all of that heavy lifting so you don’t have to. With years of experience in human-centered design and color theory, BBY can help you choose colors that are pleasing to the mind, body, and soul. Give expert advice on how to implement that knowledge into your home remodel and future decoration plans for a seamless transition from every day to the cohesive presentation of your unique home sanctuary. 

You will be amazed by how inviting a little pop of your colorful personality can make your house feel like your home.